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Photographer and Creative Director

Chile, 1997. Based in Germany and carrying her Hispanic heritage, Carla de Marte is a fine art and fashion photographer.

"My work intertwines imagination, fantasy, and reality— playing with surreal and otherworldly elements to engage the imagination of the viewer. An archival print, like many things, has a life expectancy. My goal as an artist, is for my image to find permanence in the minds of viewers. Therefore igniting a new story or emotion, unique to its own host. 

I experiment with most photographic mediums, whether it be in the analog or digital sphere. From film development and printing to photo compositing with 3D-rendered elements."

Publications and Exhibitions

2023 • Musée Biannual Magazine: New Artist Feature, NYC, NY)

2023 • SCAD Atlanta Digital Screen Display Exhibit, (Atlanta GA)

2023 • SCAD Bachelor Highlights Cover Feature, (Atlanta, GA)

2021 • Museum für Werte, (Hamburg, Germany)

2021- Present • SCAD Art Sales Permanent Collection, (Savannah, GA) 

2020 • Vanessa Lacy Gallery: Romance, (Kansas City, MO)

2020 • "This Time Around: Large Format Photography" (Savannah, GA)

2020 • Open Studio, (Savannah, GA)

2019 • 311 Gallery: Black and White Juried Show (Raleigh, NC)

2018 • Artemis Journal, (Savannah, GA)

2018-2020 • Port City Review, (Savannah and Atlanta, GA)


Hamburg, Germany

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